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  • Guinness record set for the most number of people performing throat singing


    On October 30, local council and governor’s office of Khovd aimag and the World Association of Throat Singing organized an event to set a Guinness world record with Mongolia’s precious traditional cultural heritage, throat singing.

    At the event, the most number of or 1308 people simultaneously performed throat singing, having the record included in the Guinness World Records and receiving Guinness World Record certificate.

    The youngest participant in the attempt supervised by an official adjudicator was five years old while the oldest was 83. Moreover, throat singers from Tuva Republic and Inner Mongolia besides Ulaanbaatar and aimags  took part in the historic attempt.

    The event plays an important role in protecting the cultural heritage, enlightening people through the art of throat singing, and passing down the heritage to our next generation, officials noted.

    Throat singing, a traditional heritage of Mongolia, is considered to have originated from imitations of natural sounds of wind, water, and birds.